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Workshop / Creation

Atelier chasseur de couleurs

about Signac's and Seurat's landscapes painted in Port-en-Bessin


First, the children will be invited to observe the current harbour landscape on site and to note every observation they make in a "carnet d'impressions" (impressions notebook).

They will focus more on the colours of the sea and the sky, the changing atmosphere of seaside and the elements composing the fishing harbour. They will have then the keys to describe a landscape.

Secondly, the children will discover reproductions of paintings by Paul Signac and Georges Seurat in the workshop. They will analyze the technics painters used including framing, composition, colour, tools and touch with the help of the activity leader.

Finally, the children will take their paintbrushes to create a pictural work in which colours will reflect the emotions and impressions they collected on site.

Association Citémômes

11 rue du Moulinet
76000 Rouen
Tarif unique pour 2 à 4 personnes, 1 adulte et jusqu'à 3 enfants. : 12€