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Montivilliers during the belle époque

10.13 — 11.14

The beginning of the belle époque coincides with the end of the impressionist movement and brings many artistic, cultural and technological innovations along. Urban landscapes have transformed themselves thanks to transports development, social policies and an unshakable faith in the future.

Wealthy family from le Havre come to the city of Montivilliers by train to enjoy the countryside. People hold court in beautiful villas that were constructed next to the river and cafes and dance halls are thriving. People like to party at that time and the community centre which has been inaugurated in 1899 is one of the most beautiful prove of it. Photography is booming and allows people to grasp unposed pictures of these moments of carefreeness. It also enables us to go back in time through pictures that illustrate this historical period.

Exhibit of documents coming from heritage collections of the bibliothèque municipale Condorcet.

Bibliothèque municipale Condorcet

50 rue Léon Gambetta
76290 Montivilliers
10.13 - 11.14 14:00-17:00
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