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Symposium / Conference

The cauchoise seaside villa

Conference by Patrick Lebourgeois


Sea bathing fashion attracts English tourists from 1820 on the Côte d'Albâtre. Parisians are the next ones to spend time on coastal cities as railways that allow them to go to Fécamp (1856), Cany (1881) and Etretat (1895) were constructed. From 1830 to 1840, this influx of people coming from outside those cities such as a wealthy ship-owner living next to natives such as a fisherman has given rise to a seaside architecture. It is said to be of an Anglo-Norman or neo-Norman style where British, Norman, neogothic and exotic influences are mixed. It largely uses wood, silex, sandstone and brick.

Patric Lebourgeois is an English teacher and an author of regional books. He is also a member of the Commission Départementale des Antiquités (the Regional Commission for Antiquities).

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