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Symposium / Conference

Lights and modernity

Rencontres d'été théâtre & lecture en Normandie


During the 19th century people who sometimes come from far away go to cities to admire street lights on boulevards and multicolored lights in public dances. Light has pushed darkness back, made shadow civilized so people feel safer while going out during the night. It is the symbol of modernity and working progress. But we can also hear people who do not agree with the technical mutations it brings along in contrast with the praises it arises. What do we wish to control with night?

Agnès Bovet-Pavy is a documentary-maker and producer. She published the book Lumières sur la ville. Une histoire de l'éclairage urbain (François Bourin editions) and directed a movie called Lumières sur la ville (Films du Tambour de Soie/Arte). It is a collaboration with the MuMa in le Havre as a part of the exhibition "Electric Nights".

MuMa, le Havre

2 Boulevard Clemenceau
76600 Le Havre
Entrée libre sur réservation au 02 35 19 62 72
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