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Reflections of a collection

06.15 — 08.30

Since being founded in 2009, the vocation of the Museum of Impressionisms in Giverny is to present thematic or monographic exhibitions linked to impressionism in the broadest sense and its variations. It is thus attached to showing its influence on modern and contemporary art. At the same time, it has been developing a collection which, centred on impressionism, and postimpressionism and their extensions, benefits from the generosity of large-scale primary sponsors.

The collection currently contains 211 pieces, without forgetting its major archives. Reflections of a collection provides visitors with a glimpse of the museum’s collection, which is constantly being enriched. From the impressionism of Caillebotte to the postimpressionism of Bonnard, from the painting of Joan Mitchell to the delicate poetry of Hiramatsu Reiji, the museum thus sets about bearing witness to the influence of impressionism up to the most contemporary creations.

Musée des impressionnismes Giverny

99, rue Claude Monet
27620 Giverny
06.15 - 08.30 10:00-18:00
Tarif plein : 5€
Tarif réduit (moins de 18 ans, étudiants, demandeurs d'emploi) : 3.5€
Practical informations :
▶︎ Daily from 10am to 6pm.
  • Eugène Boudin (1824-1898) Deauville, le bassin, 1884 Huile sur panneau, 46,5 x 38 cm Giverny, musée des impressionnismes, acquis grâce à la générosité du Cercle des mécènes du musée des impressionnismes Giverny, de la Caisse d’Épargne Normand

  • Maurice Denis (1870-1943) Soleil blanc sur les blés, vers 1914 Huile sur toile, 29 x 34 cm Giverny, musée des impressionnismes, don Claire Denis, 2012, MDIG 2012.6

  • Hiramatsu Reiji (né en 1941) Giverny, l’étang de Monet, couleurs de printemps, 2015 Nihonga, 179,9 x 170 cm (diptyque) Giverny, musée des impressionnismes, MDIG 2018.1.1

  • Olivier Mériel (né en 1955) Lumière du soir, Giverny, avril 2010 Épreuve d'artiste, tirage argentique, 28,2 x 34 cm Giverny, musée des impressionnismes, don Olivier Mériel, 2010, MDIG 2010.1.1