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Symposium / Conference

Symposium: “Collecting Impressionism”

Colloque international

12.11 — 13.11

A cycle of multidisciplinary and international symposiums presented by the contract “Normandie Paris-Île-de-France: Destination Impressionnisme” and the Universities of Paris‑Nanterre and Rouen-Normandie, examining the role of collectors in the development of this artistic movement. Who were they? How and where did they build up their collections? To what extent were they taken into account by the world of art? What was their territorial fixing? What became of these occasionally ephemeral collections?  

Organisers: Félicie Faizand de Maupeou (Labex les Passés dans le Présent), Ségolène Le Men (Foundation of the University Paris Nanterre and HAR), Frédéric Cousinié (GRHis, University of Rouen Normandie), with the participation of Rivka Susini (HAR) and Hadrien Viraben (TEMOS).