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Cap sur 2024 !

Normandie Impressionniste 2024: the spirit of invention


The 5th edition of the Normandie Impressionniste Festival, which will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the impressionist movement, will be unprecedented, inviting artists and publics to revisit and modernise our relationship with the 19th-century artistic movement that revolutionised art. This 5th edition, planned for 2024, will reflect the spirit of invention that is proper to this revolutionary artistic movement which, since its emergence, has crossed over both generations and frontiers. 

Through this theme, the festival aims to reinvent our perceptions and our representations of reality, while exploring the role of nature, the landscape and creativity. The impressionist movement, born nearly 150 years ago, raised fundamental questions about our relationship with nature and the landscape. The artists of the time, such as Monet, Renoir and Degas, shook up the existing artistic conventions by setting out to capture the light, colours and fleeting emotions. Today, Normandie Impressionniste is offering a contemporary reinvention of these pioneering ideas, by highlighting the heritage of this artistic movement through contemporary creation.

With an artistic commitment that transcends disciplines, the festival will provide unique moments, which are both accessible and ambitious. It stands out by its presence in the public space, including both well-known and lesser well-known parts of the Normand patrimony, with historic and industrial sites, natural environments or sports fields, thus helping to forge a distinctive identity for the festival.

The adventure that the festival is offering aims to explain the birth of an artistic movement and its contemporary heritage in current artistic innovations.