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About the Festival

In 2010, in Normandy, the idea was born to create a major event to celebrate one of the major trends in art history: impressionism. Following one edition after another (2010, 2013, 2016), it has become one of the most important artistic events in France. Today, Normandie Impressionniste offers a multidisciplinary festival which celebrates artistic creation from impressionism to the present day.
For its fourth edition, in 2020, presided by Erik Orsenna, Normandie Impressionniste is celebrating its tenth birthday and reinventing itself with a new approach initiated by its general curator, Philippe Piguet. The 2020 edition is not offering a single theme for all of its events, but rather a versatile driving force, rich and open to interpretation: A new day, a new colour. It is through the prism of this pictorial revolution of colour that the impressionists seized their everyday lives and the subjects associated with the evolution of society at the time: the industrial revolution and its social, economic and urban consequences, along with – in its wake – the flourishing of a new social class and practices (e.g. leisure activities, collections).

It is around this guiding principle that the projects suggested by various organisations in Normandy – museums, art centres, dance centres, associations – have been selected by the academic and artistic advisory board of Normandie Impressionniste. Just like the artistic movement, which encouraged a new way of seeing and thinking about the world, the ambition of the fourth edition of the festival is to reveal the contemporaneousness of the movement, which, in turn, is firmly set in its time.

Normandie Impressionniste is a Public Interest Group of 35 Norman local authorities. Its nine founding members are the Région Normandie, the Métropole Rouen Normandie, the Département de l’Eure, the Département de Seine-Maritime, the city of Rouen, the city of Caen, the city of Le Havre, Le Havre Seine Métropole and the Communauté urbaine Caen-la-Mer.