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Past editions

Focus on the previous editions

Created under the impulse of Laurent Fabius, the then President of the Communauté d'Agglomération Rouen Elbeuf Austreberthe (CREA) and numerous norman local authorities with the support of big companies, Normandie Impressionniste became one of the major artistic events in France throughout its editions (2010, 2013, 2016).

2010, a very promising first edition !

The first edition of Normandie Impressionniste that took place in 2010 layed the foundations of the festival. The dynamic of Normandie Impressionniste has asserted itself thanks to the help of the forces in the territory, creating a network very rich in the artistic, volontary, educational and institutional fields gathered around the will to make people discover the exceptional heritage and artistic creation from impressionism to nowadays in Normandy. Under Jacques Sylvain Klein, the general curator, this edition has been particularly marked by the exceptional attendance level for the flagship exhibition Une ville pour l'Impressionnisme in the musée des Beaux-Arts of Rouen with more than 200 000 visitors. People also talked about this first edition because of its opening event called Monet vu du ciel, during which 1250 volunteers recreated a work by Monet in big.

2013, an audacious second edition

In 2013, the festival reasserted its status as a major artistic event since its influence was extended to the entire norman territory and the public came back to visit the exhibitions. Jérôme Clément was in charge of the general curation for this second edition, which theme was "Water". All actors in the norman territory united around it and stretched their imagination to offer original, cultural and celebratory projects. On an another aspect, this second edition was resolutely orientated towards youth as about 1000 classes from elementary school to secondary school took part in the different processes. After the success of the first edition, expectations were high for this new one but it has also been successful giving the fact that more people attended the projects, as there were also more of them.

2016, an unifying third edition in a reunited Normandy

The third edition has been an unifying event in the context of a reunited Normandy. In 2016, still under Jérôme Clément's general curation, Normandie Impressionniste decided to orientate its program towards the theme of "Portraits impressionnistes" (impressionistic portraits). This humanist theme was the occasion to lead a new collective action on the territory where festival-goers have been able to discover another face of impressionism and retrace its history through today's light. The Festival enabled all Normandy to spread out its influence while proposing high-quality events and reached a more and more diversified audience, that has also travelled more in the entire territory thanks notably to the development of the card for festival-goers. Jérôme Clément, the general curator, highlighted the fact that this third edition created the conditions of a future for the festival, after the successes of 2010 and 2013.