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Artistic and Cultural Education

Sensations, rising sun

Exposition immersive

06.15 — 09.22

Last exhibition before the Beauvoisine museum closes!

The Sensations, rising sun experience, co-created with Néo Digital immersive studio, prefigures one aspect of the future museum centre.

In our still very compartmentalised society, it is not usual to mix subjects as apparently different as Impressionist painting, biodiversity, phylogeny and neuroscience.

However, an exhibition called "L'Herbier secret de Giverny" took this approach by displaying the herbariums of Jean-Pierre Hoschedé, Claude Monet's son-in-law, along with paintings by the Monet family. This collaboration with naturalists enabled the works of art to be seen as snapshots of a biodiversity that has partly disappeared.

By painting nature live, the Impressionist painters had already made a sensory connection with living things.

Today, when we have exceeded six of the nine planetary limits, it is time to take action to protect our environment. A look back at our history reminds us of our origins and our place in the world.

In this exhibition, visitors are guided through the stages of evolution right up to our current depletion. It invites us to question ourselves and find answers by connecting with our true essence. By going back to the origins of life, we gain a better understanding of our place in the great story of life on Earth. The whole experience is designed to encourage exchanges between participants and demonstrate the diversity of possible imaginations.
Tarif plein : 5€
Tarif réduit : 2€

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