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Contemporary Art and Installations in the Public Space

Resonance Paintings-Nympheas

05.23 — 07.21

Oliver Beer is revealing a visual experience at the crossroads of the senses. This British artist turns musical harmony into a visual language on printable canvases. His Resonance Paintings display a highly singular interpretation of Monet’s famous Water Lilies. After recording sounds from the water lily pond in Giverny, Oliver placed a loudspeaker under a canvas positioned horizontally, on which a powdered pigment had been scattered. The sounds from the pond make the canvas vibrate, shifting and fashioning the pigment into visual representations of sound waves. These paintings, also created using musical harmonies, open up a dialogue with the Seine which flows alongside Le Hangar 107.

An exhibition in partnership with Frac Normandie.

This project is also supported by the British Council as part of the UK/France 2024 Spotlight on Culture program Imagine Together.

Le Hangar 107

107 allée françois Mitterrand
76100 Rouen
Practical informations : ▶︎ Horaires d'ouverture :
Du mercredi au dimanche de 14h à 18h

Entrée libre
  • Oliver Beer, Resonance Paintig (Instant crush), 2022

  • Oliver Beer, Resonance Paintig (Instant crush), 2022

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