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A sustainable festival

The convocation of the impressionist vision of the great upheavals during two twinned eras, the 19th century and today, means that the festival has been piloted with an eco-responsible approach to culture.
For this new edition, the Normandie Impressionniste Festival is reaffirming its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

▶︎ A unique festival covering an entire region
▶︎ A rural and urban festival
▶︎ A multidisciplinary festival
▶︎ A long-period festival lasting 6 months
▶︎ A festival based on an accumulation of initiatives from all the territorial, cultural, political and touristic players.

Accompanied by Valérie Lallier Bonnard, co-author of the report “Décarbonons la culture!” for the Shift Project, the festival put into place an extremely proactive policy right from the call for projects and identified two main areas for action: sustainable mobility and the inclusivity of publics.

“In the constellation of art production, the star of the Normandie Impressionniste Festival has been flying high for four years, at its own rhythm, and its own programming and production, quite different from what we are used to. On taking a closer look, it has taken a different route, which deserves our attention because it is so favourable to a high-quality production that respects planetary boundaries.” Valérie Lallier-Bonnard

▶︎ Offering a committed and inclusive programme

    - 150 multidisciplinary projects. 
    - 37% free events including 2 of the festival’s flagship projects: the exhibition of David Hockney and the monumental video projection by Bob Wilson on Rouen Cathedral. 
    - 51% of our events are accessible to excluded publics. 
    - 14 roaming projects on a total of 29 sites. 
    - 47% female artists. 
    - 10% artistic and culturally educational projects.

▶︎ Initiating a responsible approach

    - 89%* of the loaned works come from France.  
    - Long-term periods for the exhibitions. 
    - 10 100% sustainable mobility routes to discover the festival. 
  - 2 days starting at 20€ for 2 to discover Normandy with the Pass Normandie Découverte offer from the SCNF. 
  - The participation of some of our project holders in the Tarif Bas Carbone initiative adopted by the Comité Régional du Tourisme (CRT). 
   - Awareness-raising workshops about ecological transition in the cultural sector. 
*(Figure from the data of the Réunion des Musées de la Métropole Rouen, Musée des Impressionnistes Giverny, MuMa Le Havre, Les franciscaines)

“For me, being an artist means remaking the world, not necessarily to make it more beautiful, but to make it better.” Olga Kisseleva

“In my pieces, I use a lot of vegetation which bears witness to fragility, but also to the power of nature.” Bianca Bondi, Slash, March 2021 
  • Daydreamer III, peinture à l'huile sur papier calque, triptyque 3x 137x200cm, 2023