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Avant-première with Miguel Chevalier


Digital ParadICE IA, 2024, by Miguel CHEVALIER

Digital ParadICE IA is an artistic projection that transforms an ice rink into a painting of light which is metamorphosed by each of the skaters’ movements. With the help of sensors, each motion, curve, slide and figure on the surface of the ice generates undulations which create a new work which is reinitialised indefinitely.

Miguel Chevalier took his inspiration from the biological world and nature to create a colourful work in constant transformation. In the manner of the impressionists, this artist, a pioneer of virtual and digital art, seeks to transcribe the dance of light on the surface of water, with thousands of spots in a living, fluid universe without contours. 

The same inspiration from nature and variations in time can be found in the works presented by David Hockney. This British artist transcribes the world using touches of colour created by the movements of the air, water and light, like the skaters on Miguel Chevalier’s projection. These two masters of light seem to apprehend nature as a variegated mosaic. They attempt to reconstitute its appearance by using colourful, luminous touches, and by reproducing an impression, or an instant. By using new technologies, the iPad for one and digital interactivity for the other, these artists want to present their vision of the world and of nature, while honouring the impressionist heritage.

It is in the same spirit that the visual artist and stage director Robert Wilson pays homage to one of Monet’s artistic icons: Rouen Cathedral. This edifice has been rethought by the American artist, a genius of light, to create a colourful, luminous audio-visual work projected onto the façade, thus placing the beauty of human existence at the heart of this monumental work.

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Digitale ParadICE IA is a work presented in partnership with the Rouen Normandy Metropolis, it has benefited from the support of the Fondation AG2R la Mondiale pour la vitalité artistique and is part of the programme of the Cultural Olympiad of Paris 2024.
  • Digital ParadICE IA

  • Digital ParadICE IA

  • Digital ParadICE IA

  • Cathédrale de Rouen. Effet de soleil (Fin de journée), 1892. Huile sur toile 100 x 65.

  • Simulation réalisée pour le spectacle  "Star and stone, a kind of love... some say"